How to Overcome a Social Media Crisis

How To Work Past A Social Media Meltdown

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MCE’s Niamh Parker reflects back on PRCA’s Live Crisis Simulation event, which helped lay out the do’s and don’ts of managing a social media account when a crisis occurs.

Social media has become so powerful over the past few years that a single fault can make or break a brand or client’s reputation. So always think carefully about what you are posting before you publish it. If you find yourself in a difficult position were things don’t go to plan, you can always bounce back with these dos and don’ts of managing a social media account.


Pretend like nothing ever happened

It’s tempting to just leave an issue and pretend that nothing has actually happened, but not recognising the situation only makes people stay for longer to see how bad it can actually get. Delete the conflicting post if you wish, but you must always issue an explanation for your audience.

Claim you’ve been hacked

People can tell if you’re social media account has been hacked, so don’t mask the issue and claim you’ve been hacked; your audience are not stupid.

Immediately react without thinking

No matter how bad the issue may be, always take time in coming up with a solution to the problem or else you may make the situation worse. Take time to come up with a suitable response, but don’t take too long; social media disasters should be dealt with ASAP!


Own it

Mistakes can happen, be the bigger person and take ownership of it.

Regular updates

Even if there is no update on the situation, it is always better to say there are no further details rather than saying nothing at all. When there are updates, give as much information as possible, be reassuring and provide contact details on who to contact on the matter.

Turn the situation around

What’s done is done, but you can still use this as an opportunity to do better.

A social media crisis in itself is not the end of the world (even though it may feel like it at the time), but things can get better depending on how you handle the situation. Hopefully the tips shared can help you on your way in case this ever happens.

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