Whose Culture is it Anyway?

Nicole Hollinger Events

The second annual “Whose Culture is it Anyway?” returned on 22nd September 2018 i.e Culture Night! A variety of well known artists, performers, writers and culture enthusiasts took to the stage in Baltic, Bullitt to answer the (almost) age-old question, “Whose Culture is it Anyway?”

MCE Events had the joy of organizing this quick, cool and quirky event. A guest list was drafted with a mixture of city stakeholders, MCE clients, local culture groups and friends of the company. MCE’s in-house designer created a fun invitation that was emailed to all the invitees. Drinks company and MCE Client, Dillon Bass, very kindly supplied Black Barrel Old Fashioned’s for guests to enjoy on the evening. Baltic is a charming space therefore MCE Events simply needed to organise a stage (and a mic stand!) for the speakers. The final and most important item that the MCE Events team needed to organise was the old school bell that would be used to indicate ‘time’s up’ to each of the speakers.

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