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Rebecca Kincade and Andrew Kelly from the corporate team in MCE both attended a ‘Think Deeper, Achieve More’ seminar at the Ulster Museum last week. Organised by The Web Bureau as part of their Decade of Digital celebrations, it welcomed three high profiles speakers from global companies including Chain Reaction and Google to talk about e-Commerce and content marketing. Here is what MCE learned…

E-Commerce: It’s About Customer Experience

Establishing a high volume of traffic to your website is no longer enough. Expectations on what your site can and should deliver have radically grown in the last few years and the onus is on optimising your customer experience to keep ahead of your competition. Every business must understand their audience – what they are looking for, which platforms they are using and when.

Act on Your Data

Businesses can access a large amount of data via their websites which can help to inform strategic business decisions and future investment. The biggest challenge is on how best to use this data. By generating insights you can outline your priorities, create tests, develop fixes and go again to make sure you are adapting the right areas.

Experience Your Experience

When was the last time you visited your website through the eyes of your customer? By using your site, trying to find a product, order a product and find relevant contacts, for example, you can better understand potential areas where drop offs may occur. At Chain Reaction, customers who use the search function are much more likely to convert into a sale. You can even employ user testing sites to check the experience for you.

Content Marketing

More brands are hiring journalists and agencies to lead on their content marketing strategies. The aim is to get people to care about their pages. The most important point with any content marketing strategy is to think about what is important to your target audience. Create a customer persona – what does your ideal customer like, what are they going to be looking for? Smart marketing is about help rather than hype.

Life is Made up of Micro-Moments

Businesses must focus on capitalising on opportunities which now exist in digital micro-moments. Google has drilled down into the times when people are most likely to use their phone and they have called these the ‘I want to go’, ‘I want to do’ and ‘I want to buy’ moments. These micro-moments are the new battleground for brands and the power comes when you are able to identify and act on the intent within each context.

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