Wholesale Gas Prices Drop By 2% Month On Month As Supply Issues Level Out

Kathryn Stevenson Corporate

Wholesale gas prices in Northern Ireland have fallen by 2% since this time last month, however they are still 5% more expensive year on year when compared with October 2016, according to this month’s Vayu Energy report. The proprietary market review and forecast for Northern Ireland’s wholesale gas, electricity and wind energy reports that following an expensive September driven by …

Wholesale Gas Prices 8% More Expensive Than Last Month As Supply Issues Force Price Hike

Wholesale Gas Prices Remain Soft, But Electricity Prices Increased By 12% In July

Andrew Kelly Corporate

Wholesale gas prices are 2% more expensive on average this month compared with July 2016, according to a monthly energy report by Vayu. While the market price has fallen considerably since the turn of the year, it is still above rates seen last year, but only marginally. Wholesale gas prices are 40% lower than 2017’s peak price experienced in early …