My Week At MCE

My Week With MCE

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When I was given the opportunity to gain practical work experience with MCE in January, I was thrilled at the chance to be a part of such a renowned public relations agency.

On a chilly Monday morning, I arrived at MCE for my first day. I met an office full of friendly and encouraging people and I couldn’t wait to begin working with them.

For my first day, I had the pleasure of joining the corporate team. It was an action packed day as I learnt how to write press releases, draft social media content and shoot eye-catching video. I thoroughly enjoyed carrying out client research, writing articles and of course, filming at locations all over Belfast.

On Tuesday, I spent the day with the public affairs team and discovered how they manage connections and relationships between a company, local councils and the public. This gave me a great insight into public affairs, an aspect of public relations in which my knowledge was previously limited.

Wednesday was spent with the digital team of MCE. I learnt about the importance of digital technology and data within public relations and how they can be utilised to show the impact of a campaign, even while it is still live. I was also able to widen my knowledge about how to create quality campaigns and launches, through historical research and colourful infographics.

My fourth day of work experience was spent with the events team. I had the pleasure of accompanying them as they got a sneak peek tour of the facilities of the Grand Central Hotel in Belfast. I was even able to snag an invite to an event – the launch of the NISCIFEST at the Botanic Gardens. That afternoon we looked into the planning that is required for an event, how each venue has its positives and negatives and the impact a successful event can have for a business.

Friday brought a close to my work experience at MCE which I spent with the consumer team. A big highlight of the day was travelling to Banbridge, to support the team as they carried out a photo call for The Boulevard. With the consumer team, I learnt about the many aspects of product/service launches, such as press releases, creative photography and social media campaigns.

With my whirlwind of a week at MCE drawing to a close, I remember feeling reluctant at the thought of leaving such a supportive and inspiring work environment.  I have to thank Paul McErlean for allowing me to take part in this work experience, to Lorna Cowan, who organised my week and made me feel so welcome; and to everyone at MCE, for taking time to speak to me about public relations and offer valuable career advice.

Because of my work experience, I have deepened my industry knowledge of public relations and I now realise the value of making connections as part of your career.  I am so grateful for being allowed this opportunity to work at MCE. My confidence has grown and I can’t wait to keep working towards boosting my career.

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