Multi-faceted Council project directed by MCE Events

Tommy McDonald Events

In March 2018 MCE Events were tasked with orchestrating a cross-team, multi-disciplinary piece of work awarded by Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council.

The project encompassed public relations, public affairs, advertising, community engagement, bespoke design and event management, all of which came from the MCE office!

The objective was to showcase a new vision for ‘Good Relations’ and a common needs approach to improving both Good Relations and life opportunities throughout the ABC Council area, through direct communication with those who live in the Borough.

Operating under the umbrella of The Executive Office, specifically the T:BUC strategy, it was of the utmost importance that the combined efforts of the MCE team exceeded the client’s expectation for this campaign.

All of the complementary activities from across the MCE team led up to three public events, hosted in the three legacy areas within the Borough. At each public drop-in event, feedback was gathered from attendees on a range of issues. This feedback allowed the Council to identify the main areas of concern which they needed to address in their campaign to ‘Make a Difference’ in the community.

MCE Events organised three publicly attended events, attended by Council officers as well as support staff who specialise in face-to-face public consultation. The venues were strategically selected depending on location, anticipated footfall, accessibility and likelihood that members of the community would attend the drop-in sessions.

Planning for each event involved preparing printed literature for distribution on the day, hiring a videographer to record vox-pops and interactions, organising catering as well as ordering signage and banners for each location, both of which were designed by MCE’s Creative Services Department.

The branding and imagery created will be used by the Council for future Make a Difference projects and was widely used by the Council in pre-event social media posts which were issued as part of the social media strategy provided by MCE Events.

The events team acted as facilitators at each drop-in session, ensuring they ran on time and to the agreed format while managing all third-party contributors, liaising with them prior to and during each session.

The drop-in sessions were well attended and provided the Council with insightful and invaluable feedback which they will use in the endeavours to improve the lives of everyone living within the Borough. The feedback gathered will allow them to as they implement positive change in the lives of the residents living in the Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council area.


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