MCE Events launches Titanic Artefacts Collection Campaign

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MCE Events recently designed, organised and managed one of the most significant events to be hosted in Northern Ireland in recent history. The Titanic Artefacts Collection event was the launchpad from which this campaign was propelled onto the world stage.

The launch of this historic campaign drew on the resources of every team within MCE. The MCE Events team were involved from the outset and asked to draw up plans for an event which would represent exactly what our lead partner for the launch, Titanic Belfast, wanted the world to know about this campaign and how it would be best communicated on the day.

The campaign has international significance, not only because of the Titanic’s global standing, but due to the support of The National Geographic Society, National Geographic (UK & USA), National Maritime Museum, National Museums Northern Ireland, Titanic Foundation Limited as well as famous movie Director, James Cameron.

The pre-event planning, due to the collaborative efforts from UK and US-based entities, required a lot of remote instruction across multiple countries and varied time zones. MCE Events managed this successfully ensuring that every member of each organisation in the event was fully briefed and confident of their involvement at all times.

We worked with our clients, as well the other organisations involved to develop an event plan, a critical path, an event script and were briefed on their roles and responsibilities consistently throughout the preparation stages.

MCE Events organised a full rehearsal on the morning of the event with the host, speakers and audio-visual supplier to ensure the run time and to confirm all tech was functioning to the level expected.

Michael Macmillan of Macmillan Media was selected by MCE as the host. He oversaw the panel discussion and the linking of each keynote speaker address within the format of the event and created a vibrant atmosphere.

MCE Events managed the guest and VIP registration for over 100 delegates, which included a representative from every Northern Irish political party as well as guest speaker Dr. Robert Ballard, Discoverer of the Titanic wreck site. Arlene Foster, MLA also delivered an encouraging speech to rally support for the campaign.

It was imperative that the tone and delivery of the event matched the significance and scale of the campaign, something MCE Events ensured the client was satisfied with during the planning phase and upon completion of this exciting event.


“Working with the MCE team has been a delight and I have been extremely impressed with the team’s experience, professionalism and how they have gelled with our wider team to deliver the ultimate objective.”
Judith Owens, Chief Executive Titanic Belfast


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