CDE Global: Manufacturing Sector Poised To Welcome An Influx Of Digital Skills

Manufacturing Sector Poised to Welcome an Influx of Digital Skills

Alastair Luke Corporate

Northern Ireland’s manufacturing sector is gearing up to embrace a significant influx of digital skills as it looks ahead to a more efficient and innovative future, according to materials washing specialists CDE.

The company, which has its headquarters in Cookstown, designs and manufactures materials washing and classification equipment with applications in a variety of sectors: sand and aggregates, construction waste recycling, mining, specialist industrial sands and environmental. Its regional office network has a presence in Kolkata (India), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Cary (North America).

Speaking ahead of the company’s sponsorship of Digital DNA’s Digital Futures event which will take place on 6th December at Belfast City Hall, Michael Morrow, CDE IT Manager said that he hopes more young people will be inspired by the opportunities which will be created in the manufacturing sector in the coming decade.

“The need to do more to adopt digital technologies across the business was something that CDE decided to address and we have put a lot of focus on it over the last 24 months. We always try to stay ahead of the curve and the adoption of new technologies and the creation of digital roles is very important for us even though we’re from a traditional engineering background. Digital skills have a role to play across engineering, marketing, sales, finance, purchasing and many other functions to both add efficiencies into business processes and improve how we communicate with our customers.”

“Digital technologies are not just for the high tech industries. We’re looking at solutions to access information on our installations across the world, how we make, service and maintain our machines and how we can market our products better. We are also improving how we give our sales teams digital tools that allow them to convince potential customers of the advantages of investing in our equipment.”

Michael continued: “We’re able to get all the skills we’ve needed up until now from the local market place. Working with the local schools, colleges and universities and making students aware of the roles we are creating at an early stage in their career planning has been vital to us and it will continue to be.”

Gareth Quinn, Managing Director of Digital DNA said: “Digital DNA’s Futures programme is built to inspire the next generation of digital leaders. We started this programme to ensure that young people realised what digital technology can do for their future and showcase STEM careers both here in Northern Ireland and across the world. The Futures Final taking place in the City Hall allows the teams of young people from schools across Northern Ireland to pitch their innovations to a panel of experts from companies who are at the forefront of innovation and development. The programme would not be possible without the support of the benefactors and sponsors like CDE and we’re really excited to find out which groups come out on top with their innovative ideas.”

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