End the Chaos

Ines Metelo Events


In October 2018, MCE events were invited to work with political campaign group ‘End the Chaos’ to be their ‘person on the ground’ at a critical anti-Brexit event hosted in Newry. Through a recommendation from a former client, End The Chaos contacted MCE to fulfil this key role on the day of a VIP-speckled, public-invite exhibition event which featured on radio, TV and print media across the UK.

Based in England, End The Chaos entrusted MCE with everything from site visits to third-party recommendation and management ahead of and during the event. Drawing on regional supplier knowledge, MCE booked, briefed and managed every element of the third-party contributions to ensure the event ran as smoothly as the client anticipated.

As the client was only present at the venue on the day of the event, it was imperative that everything was essentially read to plug in and go, which thanks to the MCE Events team’s efforts, it was.

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