Expertise and precision in Corporate and Business Communications

MCE works with businesses in all sectors of the economy to enhance their corporate profile and ensure their reputation is managed and protected. MCE has extensive experience in delivering strategic and creative communications strategies that align with our clients’ overall business objectives to make a tangible contribution to their bottom line.

MCE consistently helps our clients to rise above the noise in what is an increasingly competitive business media landscape, utilising our industry insight, knowledge of the media landscape and unrivalled contacts base to achieve results – whether that’s selling more products, raising brand awareness or responding to crisis issues which have the potential to impact on your business.

Whether you are a dynamic start-up or an established corporate organisation, by partnering with MCE you will be working with outstanding PR professionals who have a genuine interest in making sure your business can communicate with clarity.

Individual products we offer
Your employer brand and its compass, the employee value proposition, is the platform through which great organisations communicate employment awareness, aspiration, engagement and advocacy. A strong employer brand will help to identify, attract, engage and retain the right people for your business. We can help you to increase candidate quality and decrease recruitment costs at every step, enabling you to find people who want to work better with you for longer.
Social media is a vital asset to any business, public sector organisation or charity and it is important to get the most out of your social media strategy and engage with key stakeholders. We examine ways to build your brand and execute a winning social media strategy.
Providing an all-encompassing service is an intrinsic part of MCE. Achieving the level of communication you require requires synergy in all points of contact, this includes the visual. We’re able to offer a wide range of services that are executed to an extremely high quality that few other agencies are able to compete with.
From creating the strategy with the right targeting, tactics and messaging, to research and storyboarding, and the actual shooting we have the expertise to organise and execute expert quality video.
Out auditing process will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current internal and external communications. By analysing your strengths and weakness handling past communications, what your key audiences currently know about your business, service, product or organisation, what they need and want to know and how they prefer to be reached we can create a communications plan which works for you and glean insights about untapped opportunities for future communications.
Successfully engaging with the media to reach your audiences has never been more important as businesses and brands need a compelling narrative to effectively tell their story about what they are doing and why they are doing it. In a rapidly evolving digital world it's important to keep abreast of how to most effectively create communications media which work. Our training will empower you to engage with with your audience in a way and a manner that touches them in both a rational and emotional sense.

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