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MCE’S client executive, Niamh Parker, shares some tips on how to secure coverage in gift guides.

In the PR world, Christmas has well and truly been in full swing for the past couple of months. The festive season accounts for massive revenue, so it’s no wonder there is such an emphasis on Christmas PR. Securing press coverage for clients around the months of November and December is a great way to introduce products to a wider audience and to provide inspiration at a time when consumers want to buy. Sometimes it can be challenging to secure coverage at this time of year as the industry becomes increasingly competitive and media space decreases rapidly. To ensure client products feature in gift guides, take a look at a few tips below;

Plan in advance

Seasonal pitching for key gifting seasons is important for your clients. Start planning in advance and take advantage of occasions like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, the wedding season and the summer holidays.

Know your audience and publications

Identify your target audience and know what publications would appeal. Categorise individual pages and sections in which the product could be featured in a publication and contact the journalists responsible for those pages directly when pitching.

Timing is everything

Missing a media publication deadline means missing an opportunity, which is why it’s vital to be on the ball.  Be sure you know the lead times of the publications you are targeting, some publications will create content months in advance so pitching Christmas gifts at the start of December is unlikely to generate much coverage in print.  The rise in popularity of social media has opened further avenues for coverage however you will still need to pitch in advance and allow plenty of time to be featured in online campaigns.

Write your email pitch

Your email pitch needs to be well-written, engaging and chatty. Journalists receive hundreds of emails a day so you have to stand out from the crowd. Make sure to include an eye-catching subject line, an introduction and a description of the products. It’s also valuable to follow up the next day with a phone call.

Include images

Your email pitch should include professional imagery of your gifts or products so the journalist can preview the type of content you can provide.  It’s useful to send low resolution images with the initial email that won’t take a long time to download or clog up inboxes.  You can then follow up with the high resolution versions if the journalist is interested.

Paid for content

As mentioned before, the festive period can be quite challenging to secure coverage especially in gift guides, so if your client has additional budget, paid for content is also an option to guarantee the best coverage. During this season, there are additional opportunities within media outlets as supplements are included within a range of newspapers, magazines and Christmas campaigns online.


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