How to throw the perfect summer party!

Kirsty Winter Blog

Summer is well and truly underway and with warmer temperatures, brighter nights and longer days, we can’t help but feel this season lends itself as the perfect excuse to throw a party/host an event! Whether it’s a bright business breakfast, a family fun day or networking drinks with colleagues, your event is sure to be fail-safe if you follow these …

Rise of the Influencers (and how they can help your brand)

Kirsty Winter Blog

Our ever-changing world of technology is continuing to open more doors for digital communication. The rise of social media in particular has turned the way we have connected with consumers in the past on its head, allowing brands to reach an audience directly and in real-time. It also makes it easier for consumers to connect with other consumers, to share …

In Defence of the Listicle - Alastair Luke, MCE Public Relations

In Defence of the ‘Listicle’

Alastair Luke Blog

I have always hated listicles.  Click-bait headlines that your brain just won’t let you pass by, usually leading to a webpage with more ads than worthwhile content. At that, what I might call ‘worthwhile content’ is actually a list of celebrities who have lost so much weight you wouldn’t believe it, or child stars who have grown up to be …

The Conservative-DUP Deal: First Impressions

Matthew Morrison Blog, Public Affairs

At first glance, what the Conservative-DUP deal means: 1. The Conservative Government can now rely on a majority in the House of Commons not just for the Queen’s Speech, confidence votes and the Budget, but also on Brexit related legislation and legislation related to national security. Assuming the Government can keep its own backbenchers in line and the agreement is …

Paul McErlean, MCE Public Relations

How would Seanie Fitz look at things now?

Kirsty Winter Blog

Amidst the atrocity in Manchester last week, a piece of important business news slipped out almost unnoticed. After the longest criminal trial in the history of the Irish state, Sean Fitzpatrick, former chairman of Anglo Irish Bank and chief bogeyman of the Irish economic crash, was acquitted. After 127 days in court, the judge dismissed all of the charges and …

Harnessing The Power Of Video

Harnessing The Power Of Video

Andrew Kelly Blog

With video production becoming a bigger part of our working lives, MCE’s corporate team attended the Power of Video conference last Friday in St Anne’s Cathedral. YouTubers and vloggers from around the world descended on Belfast to share their top tips for video content. Andrew Kelly outlines a few take home messages from the event. No one size fits all …

MCE’s Fantasy Politics General Election Competition

Matthew Morrison Blog

The MCE Public Affairs team are running a competition based on the number of votes received for certain candidates in the Westminster election in Northern Ireland. Who do you think will get more votes in each of the following fantasy matchups? Pick 12 winners … Lady Hermon v Jim Shannon Gregory Campbell v Sammy Wilson Jeffrey Donaldson v Ian Paisley Margaret Ritchie …

Eight Northern Ireland Westminster Seats To Watch

Matthew Morrison Blog

From now until election day, the MCE Public Affairs team will be keeping a close eye on the key seats which will determine the outcome of the Westminster election in Northern Ireland. From the latest polls to the latest betting we will provide an up-to-date service in the coming days. 1. Fermanagh & South Tyrone – Probably Sinn Fein’s number …

Aidan Keenan: My time with MCE Public Relations

Aidan Keenan: My Work Experience With MCE Public Relations

Kirsty Winter Blog

  Final year Ulster University student, Aidan Keenan, joined us for three days of work experience at the end of April. Here’s what he learned during his time with MCE Public Relations…   I’m currently in the process of finishing up my final year Communication with Advertising Degree in Jordanstown. 99% of my days are spent thinking about my dissertation; with the …