Hats Off

Niamh Parker Blog

Since summer graduations across NI have now come to an end, the MCE team offer their advice and experience on transitioning from university to working life. Leaving university and entering the job market is a big transition filled with excitement, potential and, for many, a sense of the unknown. To begin with, facing up to the fact that student life …

Screen Tourism Northern Ireland

‘Screen tourism’ is set to have phenomenal economic impact

Alastair Luke Blog

By Paul McErlean Everybody loves the movies, right? Well readers, here’s a thing you probably didn’t know but I was lucky enough to act in my second film a couple of months ago. Not that I am giving up my day job just yet but, thanks to my close and supremely talented friend who has now called me twice to …

The Life Of Brian

Niamh Parker Blog

By Paul McErlean In all industries, there are people who make you feel good, even proud, about doing what you do and then there are others who make you want to bury your head in your hands. This week the PR industry here said farewell to one of its good guys, Brian Arlow, after his sudden and very untimely death. …

5 Essential Self-Editing Tips

Niamh Parker Blog

MCE’S client executive, Niamh Parker, shares her tips on how to be a better self-editor The ability to be a good writer is arguably the most important skill needed in the PR industry. Yes, being able to pitch media and form meaningful online relationships in this social media fuelled world are also key components. However, without good writing skills, neither …

How to throw the perfect summer party!

Kirsty Winter Blog

Summer is well and truly underway and with warmer temperatures, brighter nights and longer days, we can’t help but feel this season lends itself as the perfect excuse to throw a party/host an event! Whether it’s a bright business breakfast, a family fun day or networking drinks with colleagues, your event is sure to be fail-safe if you follow these …

Rise of the Influencers (and how they can help your brand)

Kirsty Winter Blog

Our ever-changing world of technology is continuing to open more doors for digital communication. The rise of social media in particular has turned the way we have connected with consumers in the past on its head, allowing brands to reach an audience directly and in real-time. It also makes it easier for consumers to connect with other consumers, to share …

In Defence of the Listicle - Alastair Luke, MCE Public Relations

In Defence of the ‘Listicle’

Alastair Luke Blog

I have always hated listicles.  Click-bait headlines that your brain just won’t let you pass by, usually leading to a webpage with more ads than worthwhile content. At that, what I might call ‘worthwhile content’ is actually a list of celebrities who have lost so much weight you wouldn’t believe it, or child stars who have grown up to be …

The Conservative-DUP Deal: First Impressions

Matthew Morrison Blog, Public Affairs

At first glance, what the Conservative-DUP deal means: 1. The Conservative Government can now rely on a majority in the House of Commons not just for the Queen’s Speech, confidence votes and the Budget, but also on Brexit related legislation and legislation related to national security. Assuming the Government can keep its own backbenchers in line and the agreement is …

Paul McErlean, MCE Public Relations

How would Seanie Fitz look at things now?

Kirsty Winter Blog

Amidst the atrocity in Manchester last week, a piece of important business news slipped out almost unnoticed. After the longest criminal trial in the history of the Irish state, Sean Fitzpatrick, former chairman of Anglo Irish Bank and chief bogeyman of the Irish economic crash, was acquitted. After 127 days in court, the judge dismissed all of the charges and …