Today, few organisations exist outside the public eye. Hardly a day goes by without new issues being brought to media and public attention – increasing pressure for organisations to communicate quickly and clearly. MCE develops a partnership with your organisation so that communication is not a journey into the unknown.

Based in Belfast city centre, MCE Public Relations is a vibrant, successful and fast-growing consultancy, servicing an impressive list of some of Northern Ireland’s foremost organisations.

As trusted advisors, we work closely in partnership with our clients to help them achieve their business objectives through the design and delivery of bespoke, innovative campaigns. Through our integrated approach to PR – combining the best in corporate and consumer PR, public affairs, digital/social media strategy and events – we aim to achieve transformational results for our clients.

We act as partners to your team – objective insiders – to develop the right strategy to achieve your objectives. MCE provides a personal commitment to excellence in the quality of service and quality of results we provide. Our business experience is real. We translate innovative ideas into bold, meaningful actions that can help realise a strategic vision, drive business success, and enhance enterprise reputation.

All of MCE’s consultants are enrolled in the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Continual Professional Development (CPD) scheme, demonstrating the agency’s commitment to professional and ethical conduct.

MCE provides an integrated approach to public relations to ensure we meet the specific needs of your organisation, stakeholders and customers.

In a consumer focused world the media are bombarded with companies trying to sell their products and tell their brand stories. If your business has a consumer product or service to market it will benefit hugely from a media relations-focused campaign. At MCE, we understand the importance of a targeted message aimed at the right audience to make your business or product stand out.

Coverage in the right media can lead to direct sales enquiries and a measurable increase in awareness of your product or service. With today’s hugely diverse media, journalists and bloggers on consumer-focused outlets are always looking for what is new, biggest or best. We create impactful ideas which translate into news stories that positively impact on our clients’ bottom line.

At MCE Public Relations we have worked with, and delivered results for top brands and consumer and lifestyle clients including Victoria Square, House of Fraser, The Merchant Hotel, The National Grande Cafe, Little Wing Pizzeria, Beannchor, The Irish Landmark Trust, Premier Inn, Rushmere Shopping Centre, Lakeland, Hewlett-Packard and Special Olympics Ulster.

Working with MCE will transform your corporate profile and ensure that your reputation is managed and protected. If you are looking for outstanding corporate PR results, a robust approach to managing and enhancing the reputation of your brand, people or organisation then contact us to set up a consultation and meet with our team.

Corporate and Business Communications

Our clients tell us that our strategic and creative thinking is one of the refreshing aspects of working with MCE. The value that you will realise as a result of working with MCE will help you achieve your business objective whether that’s selling more products; enhancing the profile of your people or business or responding to issues which impact on your business. By partnering with MCE you also be working with outstanding PR professionals who have a genuine interest on how your business can communicate with clarity.

Our work and results we deliver for some of the Northern Ireland’s most dynamic businesses has been recognised by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Working with Northern Bank, MCE won Best Corporate and Business Communications in 2009 as part of PR campaign to communicate its Cash Management Solutions to businesses locally. That’s just one of the many endorsements we receive for our work. Reputation Management

MCE has vast experience in developing communication strategies which address complex communications challenges and cover all aspects of an organisation’s work. Our experience has taught us that the ability to deliver accurate and timely information to the media can be the difference between ensuring key messages are delivered and a story that isn’t reported. Of equal importance, MCE understands the requirement to provide information quickly to ensure a position is established on a particular issue. If you want to enhance your reputation or effectively manage a communications issue you can contact us to discuss further with our team.

Here’s what Todd Kelman of the Belfast Giants says about MCE:

“Whether it has been a direct PR campaign or crisis management, MCE has handled our business with a professional, creative and efficient approach to everything and has been able to offer us his expertise on issues from generating leads to maximising exposure for our organisation. I cannot recommend MCE enough.”

Here’s what Grant Thornton say about MCE:

“MCE have had a tremendous impact on raising awareness for our people and services in a crowded marketplace. The range of skills and expertise available at MCE ensures that we receive imaginative and targeted corporate PR campaigns. Results are impressive from national coverage in the Financial Times to sector specific publications. And it is not just media results, MCE are always seeking to add value through beneficial connections or partnerships.” Sinead Lynch, Grant Thornton

Here’s what local entrepreneur Ciaran Sheehan says about MCE:

“Having worked with the team at MCE Public Relations, I can highly recommend MCE as a business partner. They take a strategic view to PR and have been able to support my business growth by positioning our company in exactly the right way and opening doors to new business opportunities that we previously had challenges with. MCE have a no-nonsense approach to Public Relations which is quite refreshing.”

The new political system in Northern Ireland is still in its infancy and the relationships between business, the civil service, elected representatives at different levels and the third sector are still developing. That political scenario creates both risks and opportunities for many businesses and other organizations that are based in Northern Ireland or have any interaction with the region at whatever level.

MCE is one of Northern Ireland’s most experienced political and public affairs agencies and we offer political advice and an assembly monitoring service to all of our clients. MCE also has a proven track record in delivering a number of political and public campaigns and assisting clients in delivering an actionable strategy to build relationships and influence government policy to achieve specific objectives including guidance on the legislative process and advice on grant aid / planning / agency and Council interaction etc.

Our Public Affairs services include:

  • Assembly monitoring and political intelligence gathering
  • Community consultation and stakeholder engagement
  • Strategy development
  • Policy briefings and research
  • Public awareness campaign development
  • Issues management and crisis communication
  • Political contact building
  • Policy event management
  • Social media management
MCE can deliver different types of events for anytime of the day in any location; Business and Corporate; Government and Civic; Marketing events; Meetings and Conferences; Cause-Related and Fundraising; Social and Sports Events. No matter what type of event you need, the planning can be a time-consuming, complicated and very stressful process. It can also be extremely costly, both from an internal time commitment that may not be realised at inception, then there’s the suppliers around your event – who is the best to go with and what’s the best price? All of these factors can create a real headache. At MCE, our event management department can streamline the event planning and look after your event from conception to completion, ensuring complete success and delivery of your objectives with total on-site execution on the day. This means as little hassle as possible for you!

We have the expertise, experience and passion to plan, prepare and produce your event. Whether it’s a stand-alone, one-off event requirement or as part of our PR services. We make it special and deliver excellence.

Targeting politicians and officials is often not enough – policy makers are often highly sensitive to public opinion and the media.

Stakeholder consultation is a common process in many other political systems but is an underdeveloped practice in Northern Ireland. However, integrating stakeholder engagement into your wider public affairs strategy can have a number of key benefits, including: helping to earn public trust and co-operation; avoiding lengthy public disputes and damage to corporate reputation; changing public opinion on an issue considered sensitive or controversial or successful achievement of a specific objective e.g. planning permission.

MCE has managed a range of stakeholder engagement processes for a number of client projects throughout Northern Ireland and the UK, including large scale retail /mixed use developments, town centre regeneration, sports stadium redevelopment, renewable energy schemes and comprehensive spending review proposals within the health sector.